Nalusuan Island

Nalusuan Island

Be inspired by the beautiful coral gardens as you go snorkeling.

Make your stay exciting by scuba diving in the wide sand bar.

Enjoy the stellar sunset at the island.

And many activities for you and your friends to enjoy, happy memories and exciting experiences await.


Nalusuan is a man-made resort island in the Cebu Strait, the Philippines, and one of the islands comprising the Olango Island Group. The island, which measures close to a hectare, is situated in between the Province of Bohol and Mactan Island. Originally a sand bar, it was reclaimed to allow the construction of the Nalusuan Island Resort, which occupies the entire island.

The island is administratively under the town of Cordova.


The island was originally and locally known as “kalusuan” meaning “a place of penises” in Cebuano. The local fishermen named it as such because the waters surrounding the island is teeming with sea cucumbers, which looked like the male genitalia.


Nalusuan Marine Sanctuary

The Nalusuan Marine Sanctuary is a great dive for divers of all skill levels. The shallow coral gardens in 6m of clear water offer exciting opportunities for beginner divers. Further out, one side of the sanctuary offers a steep slope with sand rays and great corals. The other side of the sanctuary is a wall dive with awesome whip corals and large groupers. The Nalusuan Marine Sanctuary is one of the most vibrant in the area, allowing divers to take in the diversity of Cebu.



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