North and South Sandbars

North and South Sandbars

North Sandbar

Stellar and serene. Imagine having an island all to yourself for a day. The North Sand Bar is good for couples who seek their own paradise away from the city or a group of friends that want to laugh and play by the beach. Unlike its known name, the North Sand Bar is a 2 and a half hour trip away
from the southern part of Mactan.

The North Sand Bar is a place where clear blue waters and white sand are abundant as far as your eyes will take you. Enjoy a day of fun and frolic by the beach with your friends. Savor the special moment of solitude where your significant other and nature’s beauty are your only companions.

Every visitor will truly ease up once they take a dip at Cebu’s tropical utopia. An ideal and remote escape away from the busy city life. The sandbar is especially visible during the low tide but is still as enjoyable during the high tide because of the naturally beautiful and crystal clear waters. Although there are no cottages available for tourists and places to dive, the North Sandbar is a worry-free gateway to paradise. Be sure to bring enough food along with the best company to last you through your stay.

South Sandbar

Enchanting and pristine. Located at the opposite side of Pandanon, going to the South Sandbar will take you a little bit over an hour from Mactan Island. The islands of Cebu are blessed with breath-taking destinations that aren’t explored enough and the South Sandbar is one of them.
Also known as Bangonbanwa by local boatmen and fisherfolk, the South Sandbar is considered a mystery since it rises right in the middle of the ocean during the low tide. Worship the sun along the soft white sand. Take pictures of the different flocks of seabirds. Admire the simplistic beauty of
marine life as you dive into the deep blue. After each visit, tourists are left in awe and delight in this small slice of paradise.

A hidden gem among the beautiful islands of Cebu. Each visitor during their visit would feel like having an entire ocean to themselves. During the high tide, the sandbar completely disappears. With the beautiful coral reefs within the area, this also makes Bangonbanwa a good spot for snorkeling with friends.



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