Pandanon Island

Pandanon Island

A peaceful and breathtakingly beautiful place where raw beauty of nature is at its best.

Enjoy a stroll along the long stretch of the sandbar during the low tide.

And relax and feast along the white sand ashore.


Pandanon Island lies in between Cebu and Bohol but it is politically part of the latter. It is located east of Mactan, south of Olango Island, and north of mainland Bohol. This close proximity to Cebu makes it very accessible to tourists visiting the Queen City of the South.


Pandan, a plant especially used for dessert flavoring, was once copious in the place during the olden times. This might be the reason that the place got its name “Pandanon”. Until now, it is still a mystery on how these plants found its way to the island since it is abundant in places like Asia Pacific, Australia and Madagascar.

According to locals, the place was once a secret getaway, a hidden paradise. As years have gone by, the place gained popularity and was introduced into the community.



Currently, it has an estimated population of 2000. Aside from tourism, major sources of living are fishing and selling accessories from shells along the beach.



Perfect Beach

White sand and warm turquoise water awaits the visitor for a day of fun in the sun. It is perfect for all kinds of beach activities. Explore the surrounding azure waters.  Which you can also do snorkeling and fun fishing as well as day trips at fish sanctuary and dolphin viewing. There are starfishes of different kinds, colors and shapes, sea urchins and sea shells.

Fresh Seafood

Enjoy the cheap and fresh seafood in the island. Some locals would even prepared the food for free.


A good place to sit and relax, watch the sunset or have drinks with your friends. Picnics are good idea. For sport enthusiasts, playing beach volleyball, skimboarding and Frisbee are among the activities that are encouraged.



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