Talima Island

Talima Island

Convenient and gorgeous. Talima is an easy destination away from the hectic city life.

Indulge in the sheer pleasure of fun before the breath-taking sunset view.

And enjoy the beautiful marine sanctuary sought by divers and snorkelers.

The island is not only a satisfying option but an economical one. Pack your travel essentials and call your closest friends for your quick adventure fix today!


It is located offshore and away from the population of Cebu. It is a gorgeous dive site and protected area located in the tropical waters off the West coast of Olango Island, between it and Mactan Island. It is conveniently located, just 10-15 by boat minutes from our Mactan.


Currently, it has an estimated population of 2000. Aside from tourism, major sources of living are fishing and selling accessories from shells along the beach.


Talima Marine Sanctuary

Talima is known for it’s plummeting deep wall, abundance of tropical fish, and a small shipwreck at 18 meters. A wide variety of marine life including pipefish, frogfish, razorfish, and triggerfish populate a wide coral slope that abruptly ends at 18 meters deep- dropping down to 45-50m.
This creates a fantastic place to dive- especially on a drift.

Talima Adventure & Water Park

Suit up and head to our Water Play Zone for hours of action & fun that will leave you craving for more, or try one of the many other land-and-water based adventure activities that will get you in touch with nature.

The park’s main attraction is the Funflatables.  Great for both children and adults, it is a water recreation system featuring a giant inflatable slide, water trampolines and water rollers.



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