Where is Tambuli?

Tambuli is one of the exciting dive sites located along the coast of Mactan, Cebu. In fact, its proximity to our dive center makes it the closest dive site other than the Shangri-La Marine Sanctuary- with the boat ride taking only 8-10 minutes on a calm day. Tambuli is another one of the great dive sites you don’t want to miss when you are in Cebu.

What do we see at Tambuli?

Tambuli is known as a great macro diving site- a true calling for those photographers who love their close-ups. We commonly encounter nudibranches, anemone shrimp, tiny anglerfish, and angelfish. Shallow water encounters with the ever-elusive Mandarin fish are not uncommon. At one point along the steeply-sloped wall of Tambuli is a small airplane teeming with reef fish. We’ve tried to make up great stories of how the plane got there, but the airport is on the other side of the island from Tambuli. The plane was sunk as an artificial wreck in Tambuli several years ago.

What are the conditions at Tambuli?

There can be come current along the coast at Tambuli. It creates an interesting and somewhat ironic moment to be flying over the top of a plane on a drift dive. The visibility at Tambuli varies with coastal runoff, but tends to be 18-25 meters. A good drift dive at Talima is worth adding to your vacation itinerary.



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